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Interview with Rosebud Ben-Oni
by Moncho Alvarado

“Poetry is a Reflection of the quantum as much as it is the future.”

Transported to the Beauty of Puerto Rico
Through a Children’s Boo

Across the Bay is not your typical coming of age story. It’s a book that will have you falling in love with the people and places on the island.”

Interview with Richie Narvaez
by Jessica Galán

Richie Narvaez is the literary noir author of Roachkiller and Other Stories, Hipster Death Rattle, Noiryorican, and Holly Hernandez and the Death of Disco.

2021 Notable Books
by José B. González

Quiara Alegriá Hudes, Isabel Allende, Sheila Maldonado, Urayoan Noel, Kirstin Valdez Quade, Margarita Engle, Brenda Peynado, and Laurie Ann Guerrero ...

Documenting the Silencing
of Latinx Voic
by Dr. Elizabeth Garcia

Writers of color have always used their literary talents to tell the stories of those that have been silenced in our historical narratives, and this moment is no different.

On Celebrating Natalie Diaz’s Pulitzer Success and Remembering the Pulitzer’s History of Failure
By ignoring Latinx poets, Pulitzer Prize Boards have repeatedly sent a pathetic message about Latinx poets as writers and as Americans.

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Interview with Laurie Ann Guerrero
by León Salvatierra

Poets & Writers Magazine named Guerrero one of 10 top debut poets in 2014, the same year she appeared in our Top 10 New Latinx Authors.

Latinx Author Video
of the Month:
Ruth Behar

We feature Ruth Behar from our YouTube Video channel that features Latinx Authors.

On Getting Published by Soho Press:
By Teresa Dovalpage

“We look for stories immersed in culture.”

Our stories are the greatest gift 
we can give. To others. 
To ourselves. 

Top Latino Latinx High School Books

High school students, teachers, and parents, take note.

The Queen of Never Giving Up
by José B. González

“Nobody likes to be called a racist … but you don’t label things as what they are,” says Maria Hinojosa

Jenny Torres Sanchez
by Jessica Galán

“I’ve been in publishing for ten years now and I’ve always believed in shining a light…”

Interview with Maceo Montoya
By Leon Salvatierra

“A truly great writer is neither a lightning bolt nor an accident….”

Top 2020 Authors
by Staff

One of the most eclectic we’ve ever put together, this list features authors from various genres.

The Best Book of 2020
by Steve Moises

Find out what makes this book the best of 2020.

Interview with Francisco Aragón
by José B. González

Latinx letters champion, and author of the groundbreaking, After Rubén poetry collection.

Top Latino Latinx
Children’s Books

Perfect for children looking who should see themselves on pages.

Best Latino Latinx

From politics to mental health and chisme, these podcasts are good for the mind and soul.

Popular Videos of Latinx Authors

Latinx authors reading, delivering speeches, …

Latino Boom & Other Resources

Full text of Latino Fiction and a guide for Latino Boom.

U.S. Latino Census Data & Other Info

Data on Latinos in the U.S.

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Matt De La Peña, Rebecca Balcárcel, Angela Cervantes, ….

Julia Alvarez, Hector Tobar, Alberto Rios, …

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