Top Ten Latino Latinx Authors

2019 Top Ten “New” Latino Latinx Authors

Editor’s post-publication note: Our 2019 list is full of talent that may not so easily be viewed as “new.”  This list was put together at the end of 2018, but as we focused on redesigning our website, we did not get a chance to give these authors the attention they deserve–until now. In the meantime, a few of them signed contracts for additional books, and there is no better proof that we knew talent when we saw it. We are proud of these authors as we are of the fact that our tradition of picking new Latinx authors to watch (and read) goes back to 2006.

1) Jasminne Mendez, author of Night-blooming Jasmin(n)e: Personal Essays and Poetry, delivers on so many levels.  What a voice! There is no doubt that Jasminne is the real deal.

2) Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, author of Dulce: Poems, and Cenzontle, the winner of the A. Poulin, Jr. Prize, had not one, but two compelling debuts. We anticipate that Marcelo’s books will be a huge success.

3) Ingrid Rojas Contreras, author of Fruit of the Drunken Tree: A Novel:provides a tale of Colombia not to be missed. This work reminds us that great writing never goes out of style.

4) Francisco Cantu‘s The Line Becomes a River does not come without controversy. But we are of the opinion that this is a work that can help elucidate some of the challenges faced by immigrants and definitely worth a read.

5) Stephanie Jimenez: Her debut novel, They Could Have Named Her Anything: A Novel, is about a friendship of two teenage girls–one Latina and one white–and how they contend with privilege, race, and familial expectations.

6) Ananda Esteva is the author, The Wanderings of Chela Coatlicue: Touring Califaztlan, the first installment of a trilogy of coming of age adventures.

7)   Ann Davila Cardinal, had a much-anticipated YA novel, Five Midnights, come out in 2019. It is based on the myth of El Cuco, with two protagonists setting out to solve a series of murders in Puerto Rico.

8)  Angel Garcia, author of Teeth Never Sleep: Poems (CantoMundo Poetry Series), winner of the CantoMundo Poetry Prize, has written a powerful poetry collection that will make you reconsider concepts of masculinity.

9) Vincent Cooper is not new to the poetry world, but he is new to too many readers who need to read his work and place him in an impressive list of talented poets who are part of the San Antonio literary scene. Read Zarzamora and you will agree.

10) Jacob Saenz, is the gifted author of Throwing the Crown (APR Honickman 1st Book Prize), the winner of the American Poetry Review Prize.

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