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Featured Videos of Latinx Authors

Featured Latinx Video of the Month: José Olivarez

Each month, we feature a Latinx artist who is doubling down on creativity and letting their words fly on the screen. This month, we highlight José Olivarez, who wows us with his poem, “Mexican-American Disambiguation.” Remember to follow our Latino Stories YouTube channel. Past 2021 featured videos also include Teresa Dovalpage, Jacqueline Balderrama, Ruth Behar, …


Videos of Latino Latinx Author Speeches

Prior to the 1980’s, the sight of a Latinx author as a keynote or commencement speaker would have essentially been nonexistent.  Since then, the landscape has gotten a bit more diverse. It still mostly filled with celebrities and mainstream authors, Latinx authors are leaving their mark.   Reyna Grande at Pasadena City College Helena Viramontes …