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The Tyrant is Dying

The Tyrant is Dying: No Conga LinesBy Carlos Eire, Ph.D. News of Fidel’s brush with death brought the news media to my door, literally and figuratively. The journalists were not alone. Even long-lost friends suddenly surfaced, eager to hear what I had to say about this turn of events.  Among those who came knocking, was the New York …


Absent Fathers and Lost Lovers

Absent Fathers and Lost Lovers: The Romance of Conquest in Margarita Engle’s Skywriting and Cristina Garcia’s Dreaming in Cubanby Myra Mendible, Ph.D. “Every person of the Caribbean is an exile from his own myth and his own history, and also from his own culture and his own Being, now and always. . . .”–Antonio Benitez-Rojo–The Repeating Island: The Caribbean and the …

Essays Latino Latinx Author Interviews

Jesús Colón’s  Truth-Seeking Disciple: José B. González Interviews Martín Espada

[A version of this article first appeared in Latino Studies Vol. 5, Issue 1 (Spring 2007) Issue] Martín Espada, the author of eight collections of poetry, including his most recent The Republic of Poetry (2006), was interviewed at the United States Coast Guard Academy, in New London, Connecticut, on March 24, 2005. The recipient of …