Featured Videos of Latinx Authors

Featured Latinx Author Video of the Month: Rhina Espaillat

Each month, we feature a Latinx artist who is doubling down on creativity and letting their words fly on the screen. This month we feature one of the masters, Rhina Espaillat, and her classic poem, “Bilingual/Bilingue.”

Rhina Espaillat

Past 2021 Videos of the Month

Check out Jacqueline Balderrama and her poem, “Now in Color,” from her book of the same title.

Emanuel Xavier

Emanuel Xavier reads his poem, “Americano,” from the poetry collection of the same name.

2020 picks included Susanna Velarde Covarrubias and her poem, “Upon Leaving,” about the Arizona monsoon season. Watch as she and other members of Teatro Bravo, work their magic.

William Archilla was our second selection. In the episode of “They Write by Night,” host Suzanne Lummis surveys the lost cityscape of Los Angeles’ Bunker Hill neighborhood as captured in 1955 film noir, “Kiss Me Deadly,” and pairs it with the noir-inspired poem, “Cine Negro,” by William Archila, author of “The Art of Exile” (Bilingual Press, 2009) and “Gravedigger’s Archaeology” (Red Hen Press, 2015). Lummis, a noted practitioner and exponent of noir poetry, was awarded a 2019 City of Los Angeles (C.O.L.A.) grant to create a new work of poetry for the city. Her latest collection is “Open 24 Hours” (Lynx House Press, 2014). Her work has appeared in the “The New Yorker,” “Antioch Review,” “Ploughshares,” “Plume,” and “The American Journal of Poetry,” as well as the 2011 Knopf anthology, “Killer Verse: Poems of Murder and Mayhem.” This series is produced by www.Poetry.LA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, spotlighting the Southern California poetry scene.

Our first pick of this series was Sheila Maldonado the author of one-bedroom solo (Fly by Night Press/A Gathering of the Tribes, 2011), her debut poetry collection. Her 2nd publication, that’s what you get, was published in 2021 by Brooklyn Arts Press.

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