Top Ten Latino Latinx Authors

2007 Top Ten New Latino Authors

1)  Christine Granados, Author of Brides and Sinners in El Chuco. Granados writes with wit and has a unique style that makes her writing appealing on many levels.

2)   Sonia Nazario, Author of Enrique’s Journey.  More librarians and teachers have sent us e-mail about this book than any other.  This nonfiction work is based on a son’s journey to the U.S. as he tries to find his mother.

3)  Reyna Grande, Author of Across a Hundred Mountains. This book, which tells a powerful story about crossing the border, has been compared to Urrea’s masterpiece, The Devil’s Highway.  Reviews from publications such as People Magazine and Kirkus Review are as sparkling as they get.

4) Daniel A. Olivas, Author of Devil Talk. This book got great reviews, and with reason, but what makes Olivas so impressive is that he is a tireless worker who makes important contributions to Latino literature in various ways.

5)  Francisco Aragon, Author of Puerta del Sol.  Speaking of tireless workers, this poet has worked on many literary projects and has edited a collection of poetry due to be published early next year.

6)   Sandra Rodriguez Barron, Author of The Heiress of Water.  She has a smooth writing style that is sure to win her fans.  She has already caught the attention of a major publisher with this tale about the sea and its lore.

7)   Cristina Henriquez, Author Come Together, Fall Apart.  We have yet to hear from someone who hasn’t loved this book, which is comprised of a novella and a collection of stories.  This author has caught the eye of The New Yorker and the admiration of many readers.

8)   Rene Colato Lainez, Author of I Am Rene, the Boy/ Soy Rene, El Nino. This book received the International Latino Book Award for Best bilingual picture book of 2006 and received Special Recognition  in the 2006 Paterson Prize for Books for Young People.  If this author wasn’t on the radar before, he certainly is now.

9)  Paul Cuadros, Author of Home on the Field.  Based on the true story of a group of Mexican kids who are also North Carolina high school soccer players.  I think I hear the sound of a movie reel.

10)  Mario Acevedo, Author of The Nymphos of Rocky Flats.  Okay, so we’re not crazy about the title either.  But this is the kind of work that helps redefine Latino literature.

Editor’s post-publication note: When we composed this list back in 2006, we never dreamed that Reyna Grande would emerge as one of the foremost authors in the U.S. We are proud to have picked her and Francisco Aragon, who likewise emerged as one of the major figures in the literary realm. Likewise, Lainez has made a name for himself, and in fact, would be chosen in 2020 as the one of the best Latinx children’s book authors.

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