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Latinx Books That Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

Latinx books climbed new heights this year, and at Latino Stories, we were fortunate to have not one, not two, not three, but four of our staff members publish books in 2022. And not just any books. These are books that deserve to be gift-wrapped for anyone you want to impress.

León Salvatierra‘s To the North/Al norte is one of the most highly-anticipated poetry books of the year. And it does not disappoint. The collection chronicles the poet’s journey from Nicaragua to the U.S. as he faces obstacles as an undocumented teenager and as he adjusts to the demands of life in a new land. To read this book is to get is poignant and poetic look at what it means to be marginalized in the U.S. This bilingual collection, translated by Javier O. Huerta, has been best described as “breathtaking” by Francisco Aragón. Find out more about the author at:

Ursula Villarreal-Moura‘s Math for the Self-Crippling, is a reminder that the short-story genre is alive and well. There is no doubt, Villareal-Moura knows how to write. Her flash fiction will have you smiling at times at her boundless wit, but it will also have you thinking deeply about the serious themes in the book that she handles with delicate care. I can’t think of too many other Latinx fiction debut books that I’ve enjoyed more. There is not doubt that this will be the first of many for her. Find out more about the author at:

Moncho Alvarado‘s poetry collection, Notes for Greyhound Americans, is an impressive lyrical accomplishment that touches the heart in tender ways. Pulitzer Prize Winner, Diane Seuss selected this book as the winner of the 2020 Saturnalia Book Prize, and described it as “brilliantly queer, inclusive, cosmic, and compassionate.” Most striking about this collection is Alvarado’s ability to showcase form as a creatively powerful tool. Find out more about the author at

Teresa Dovalpage is a name that anyone who reads mysteries already knows. After all, she has published twelve novels and three short-story collections. Her novel, Death Under the Perseids, is an absolutely delightful read that is the perfect medicine for winter blues. Dovalpage shows, yet again, why her name is synonymous with Latinx Quality Mystery. Find out more about the author at:

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