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Latino Latinx Author Interviews

Creating Magical Encounters: Melanie Márquez Adams

Teresa Dovalpage interviews Ecuadorian-American writer, editor, and translator Melanie Márquez Adams. The interview is part of a series with Latino Latinx authors. Dovalpage: You are the founder and editor in chief of Anfibias Literarias. What is the purpose of this digital platform and what voices does it seek to highlight? Márquez Adams: Anfibias Literarias seeks …

Latino Latinx Author Interviews

A Place Called Home: Teresa Dovalpage Interviews Anjanette Delgado

This interview is part of the Latinx Author Interview series and features Puerto Rican author, journalist, and feminist, Anjanette Delgado. Dovalpage: Home in Florida (The University Press of Florida, 2021) presents a selection of the best literature of displacement and uprootedness, a concept that certainly deserves the spotlight in these times. How did the anthology come to …

Latino Latinx Author Interviews

Watering Poems: Moncho Alvarado Interviews Michael Torres

Moncho Alvarado interviews Michael Torres, author of An Incomplete List of Names. The interview is part of a series with Latino Latinx authors. Alvarado: I really love the urgency of An Incomplete List of Names, dealing with questions of language, privilege, and power. How did you approach writing this collection?   Torres: I wrote poem-by-poem, mostly using my speaker …