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Latino Latinx Author Interviews

Blessed Through Revision: Moncho Alvarado Interviews Claudia Delfina Cardona

Moncho Alvarado interviews Claudia Delfina Cardona about her debut poetry collection, What Remains. The interview is part of a series with Latino Latinx authors. Moncho Alvarado: What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing What Remains?  Claudia Delfina Cardona: I was mostly surprised by how lost some of my poems were. I had to …

Latino Latinx Author Interviews

Meet the Latina Behind THE Bestselling Photography Books: José B. González Interviews Chelsea Northrup

This interview with the Puerto Rican artist, photographer, author, publisher, and editor, Chelsea Northrup, is part of a series with Latinx authors. Chelsea and her husband, Tony Northrup, have become the most influential power duo in the world of photography with a ubiquitous presence on multiple platforms. They are the authors of numerous popular books, …

Latino Latinx Author Interviews

Shining the Light on Hard Issues: Jessica Galán Interviews Jenny Torres Sanchez

It’s been a good while since the pages of a book created such a visceral reaction for me. Jenny Torres Sanchez’s latest, We Are Not from Here, does just that. It’s a realistic novel which many high school teens, especially those in urban communities will relate to. I’ve educated students who’ve risked their lives for what …