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Latino Latinx Author Interviews Latinx Kid-Lit Corner: Children's Books

Meet the Survivor, Creator, and Author: Oriel María Siu

Welcome to the Latinx Kid Lit Corner. In this edition, we had the pleasure of interviewing writer, scholar, and educator, Dr. Oriel Maria Siu. Her latest children’s book title, Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It’s Over! (2021), is being used in grade schools and on college campuses to dispel myths about how the Americas were discovered …

Latinx Kid-Lit Corner: Children's Books

A Latinx Boy and His Rubik’s Cube: Latinx Kid-Lit Corner

Our Inaugural Edition Welcome to the inaugural edition of Latinx Kid-Lit. Corner. I’m Steve Moises, Latinx illustrator and Children’s Books Features Editor at Latino Stories. As I like to say in my surfer voice, I’m “super psyched” to guide you on a journey to explore some fun and inspiring Latinx children’s books. My mission is …