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Latino Stories Makes Debut

By Carole Goldberg, Books Editor
Hartford Courant
December 12, 2006

Two Connecticut professors of English have launched a website that offers information for those interested in Latino literature.

Jose B. Gonzalez, who teaches at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, and John S. Christie, of Capitol Community College in Hartford, created in May.

The site, which is linked to, offers book and film recommendations, databases of Latino authors by nationality and links to author sites, reviews, poetry and awards information.

The men are the co-authors of “Latino Boom: An Anthology of U.S. Latino Literature,” and the website includes a resource guide to the stories, plays and poetry that appear in their book.

Gonzalez emigrated at age 8 from El Salvador to New London. He learned English here and went on to become a teacher and poet. Christie is also the author of the scholarly study, “Latino Fiction and the Modernist Imagination,” available in its entirety on the website. offers top 10 lists with brief commentaries. The Top Ten Most Provocative Latino Nonfiction Books list puts “Hunger of Memory” by Richard Rodriguez at No. 1 and comments: “Love his politics. Hate his politics. It does not matter. He still uses the pen like a paintbrush.”

The Top Ten “New” Latino Authors to Watch (and Read) list gives the top spot to H.G. Carrillo, author of “Loosing My Espanish” and comments: “Not since Junot Diaz has a Latino author created such a stir.” The film recommendations include “El Norte,” “American Me” and “My Family, Mi Familia.”

A list of frequently asked questions about the website gives this playful response to a question about the size of its staff:

“Staff? We don’t have no stinking staff. It’s just the two of us. That’s right, we spend our own money to run this site and do all this as a labor of love.

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