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Top Ten
Most Provocative Latino Nonfiction Books

1) Hunger of Memory: by Richard Rodriguez.  Love his politics.  Hate his politics.  It does not matter.  He still uses the pen like a paintbrush.
2)  The Devil's Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea. Speaking of talented writers, Urrea's descriptions are so vivid, you would think that you were there with him.
3)   La frontera / Borderlands by Gloria Anzaldua.  Upon publication this book became an instant classic by a genius who is greatly missed.
4) Loving in the War Years by Cherrie Morga.  Another classic work by an author who cannot be easily classified.
5)  Ethnic Labels, Latino Lives by Suzanne Oboler.  This book will make you think twice about labels and Latinos in the U.S.
No Image 6) A Puerto Rican in New York, and Other Sketches by Jesus Colon.  The study of Puerto Ricans in New York has to begin with Jesus Colon (and must continue with Memoirs of Bernardo Vega).
7) The Hispanic Condition by Ilan Stavans.  This is a must-have by a great mind who knows how to analyze culture.
8) Life on the Hyphen: The Cuban American Way by Gustavo Perez Firmat.  This book provides one of the best definitions of living on the hyphen.
9) Heroes, Lovers, and Others: The Story of Latinos in Hollywood by Clara Rodriguez.  This book is perfect for anyone who wants a clear perspective on how Latinos and Latinas have been misrepresented in Hollywood.
10) Muy Macho by Ray Gonzalez.  The decision to include such greats as Espada and Anaya and tackle this subject makes this a must-read.


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