Top Ten Latino Children's Book Authors
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Top Latino Children's Books



1)  Gary Soto, Author of Chato Goes Cruisin'


2) Pat Mora, Author of Doña Flor


3)  Alma Flor Ada, Author of My Name Is Maria Isabel


4) Pam Muñoz Ryan, Author of Esperanza Rising


5)  Diane De Anda, Author of Dancing Miranda


6) Rudolfo Anaya, Author of The Santero's Miracle


9)   Lucia M. Gonzalez, Author of The Bossy Gallito/El Gallo de Bodas


 10)  Benjamin Alire Saenz, Author of A Gift from Papá Diego / Un regalo de Papá Diego


Honorable Mention: There's a Coqui in My Shoe, by Marisa de Jesus Paolicelli.

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