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2017 Top Ten
"New" Latino Authors to Watch (and Read)


  1. Amalia Ortiz has been on the spoken word scene for years. HBO's Def Poetry highlighted her talent, while her poetry collection, Rant. Chant. Chisme., demonstrates why she has a strong following.
  2. Yesenia Montilla's The Pink Box tackles serious and timely themes in a sometimes jazzy, always musical style. 
3. Harrison Candelaria Fletcher's Presentamiento: A Life in Dreams is written so masterfully that it leaves the reader pleasantly dizzy and wanting more. 
  4.  Gabby Rivera shows off her writing skills in Juliet Takes a Breath, an inspirational debut coming-of-age tale that covers LGBTQ as well as educational themes for all youth.
  5. Isabel Quintero's young adult novel, Gabi, A Girl in Pieces is not afraid of tackling tough subjects and realistic characters that tell it like it is. 
6.  Lorenzo Pablo Martinez gives us an enlightening and touching look at the Peter Pan program in Cuba Adios: A Young Man's Journey of Freedom
7. Bryan Allen Fierro's Dodger Blue Will Fill Your Soul is written so masterfully that you will think it's not a debut collection.   
8.Carolina Ebeid's lyrics dazzle in You Ask Me to Talk About the Interior, a debut collection of poems that is sure to establish her as someone to listen to for years to come. 
Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo is creating a lot of buzz with her debut poetry collection, Posada: Offerings of Witness and Refuge
  10.Celeste Leon's Luck is Just the Beginning is just the beginning for this author whose story about a lottery winner is a literary roller coaster.

Others may be making a list and checking it twice, but LatinoStories.Com is proud to say that it has the longest tradition of picking top ten Latino authors in the U.S. With the oldest tradition of picking Latino literary talent in the U.S., LatinoStories.Com is proud to announce 2015’s list of Top Ten New Latino Authors to Watch (and Read). LatinoStories has been and advocate for Latino literature for since 2005.  Founded by Jose B. Gonzalez, the author of the new poetry collection, Toys Made of Rock, it has been featured on national television and has been hailed by such authors as Junot Diaz, as “Exactly what the community has been looking for.”


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