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Select 2016-17
Notable Latino Books
Our own Jose B. Gonzalez' long anticipated, autobiographical poetry collection, Toys Made of Rock, has continued to garner praise from such poets as Brian Turner, who calls Gonzalez, "a storyteller and truth teller, a writer who sees that which must be written." 
  In Hola and Goodbye: Una Familia in Stories, Donna Miscolta provides an astounding collection of emotionally driven, sometimes tense, always well-written short stories.
  Emmy Perez demonstrates her lyrical talents once again in her poetry collection, With the River on Our Face

  In All They Will Call You, Tim Z. Hernandez takes on an intriguing subject inspired by 28 deported Mexican farmworkers who died in a plane crash and whose names were ignored by the media but became part of literary history thanks to a Woody Guthrie song.

Raina J. Leon has wowed us in the past, and not surprisingly, she is wowing us yet again with her collection of poems, Sombra: (dis)locate.

  In El Legado: The Legacy, Ed Cardenas has written a sentimental Young Adult novel about an angry young man who has to look to his familyís past for self-discovery.
  Raza Rising: Chicanos in North Texas by Richard J. Gonzalez is well-researched work that tells the stories of Chicanos from multiple angles.
  Black Widow Bitches by Victor Cass is epic in more ways than one. This creative novel is full of twists as it tells a captivating tale of a world in which women become military warriors fighting unpredictable personal and physically and emotionally exhausting battles.
  Gisele Firmino has written a painful reminder of Brazilís military dictatorship in this debut novel, The Marble Army.
  The Wandering Song: Central American Writing in the United States is the long overdue collection edited by Leticia Hernadez Linarez, Hector Tobar, and Ruben Martinez.




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