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1.  Why are the Latino author names and titles linked to Amazon?
Because Amazon has an ideal database of Latino titles that THEY update.  That keeps us from having to update the list each time a new title comes out.  Plus we like the fact that the CEO, Jeff Bezos, is the stepson of a man who was a great Cuban exile success story.
2.  Why is it that when I click on an author's name, and I'm taken to Amazon, Amazon provides a list of works that cite the author, not works published by the author?
Once our site takes you to Amazon, click search again.  That should get you a list of works published.
3.  Are you paid by the authors or publishers for promoting their works?
No.  We have no affiliation with the authors or publishers, and we wouldn't do anything that would bring into question the credibility of the site.
4.  What process did you use for compiling the top-ten lists?
Beyond reading and researching the works, we also tested most of them where it matters the most--in the classroom.

5.  How large is your staff?
Staff?  We don't have no stinking staff.  It's just the two of us.  That's right, we spend our own money to run this site and do all this as a labor of love.
6.  How can we support your efforts?
By purchasing Latino works through our links, visiting our advertisers, and spreading the word about our site. 
7.  Can I add your link to my page?
Yes, we love when that happens.

8.  Can I send you my book to review?
Contact us at
editors@latinostories.com.  Let's talk.

9. How do I cite this incredibly helpful source?
If you're using MLA format, here is an example of what this would look like in the Works Cited page (be sure to indent after the first line):
Christie, John S. and Jose B. Gonzalez.  www.LatinoStories.com  Home Page.  Retrieved 24 July 2012, <

If you are citing Dr. Christie's book, use the following format:
Christie, John S.  Latino Fiction and the Modernist Imagination.  New York: Garland Press, 1998.  [Date of last update].  LatinoStories.com.  [access date]. 

10.  Can I contact you about questions dealing with Latino literature or maybe interview either of you about your work or maybe even just send you a note telling you how much I love this site?
We've heard from librarians, authors, students and others about everything from: "can you name that author" to "are you available for a speaking engagement."  We love to hear from everyone.

11.  I'm thinking of creating my own website.  What kind of computer and web host do you recommend?
I would recommend using one of the best rated hosts out there: 
iPower Website Hosting.


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