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The Keeping Brown Literature Booming Project:
A Unique Way to Give Back

Call for Papers: The editors of Latino Boom: An Anthology of U.S. Latino Literature and are accepting: previously published scholarly or informative essays, books, book reviews, and interviews that focus on U.S. Latino literature, to which contributors hold rights.  The purpose of the project is to revive and keep alive scholarly and analytical works that were published in the past but may not be so easily accessible (e.g., the work is out of print or it may have been originally published for a limited audience).  The editors will publish these works in and thus make these resources available to an international audience that includes faculty, students, and individuals from disadvantaged educational or financial backgrounds who cannot so easily access other sources.  Our ultimate goal is to promote and provide a free credible web source for the study of Latino Literature.  An example of the type of work we are referring to is John S. Christie's Latino Fiction and the Modernist Imagination, which was originally published by Garland Press but is now fully available on Another example is the book review by Daniel A. Olivas of Reyna Grande's Across a Hundred Mountains

Guidelines: Only electronic files.  Please be sure to inform us of the original publication date and the name of the periodical in which the work previously appeared and/or the name of the publisher. Most journals hold only first-time publication rights, but be sure to confirm that you now hold the rights to the work.  Upon publication of the work in, contributors will continue to hold the copyright. No payment, but we can guarantee that this will be a rewarding and a unique way to give back and to keep previously published work from fading into unfortunate oblivion.

Submit to:
Jose B. Gonzalez, Ph.D.
John S. Christie, Ph.D.