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Book Review

Vincent Bosquez

[This review first appeared in

The San Antonio Express-News]


The Power of Business En Español:
7 Fundamental Keys to Unlocking the Potential of the Spanish-Language Hispanic Market

By Jose Cancela with Carlos Harrison

Book Review: Book about Hispanic market is a must-have

By José Cancela, with Carlos Harrison

San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger recently revealed that he is "done taking Mexico for granted" as the city launched a Mexican marketing program designed to increase spending in the Alamo City by our neighbors to the South — who already spend $4 billion a year in Texas.

Nationwide, more than 14 percent of the U.S. population is Hispanic. This figure doesn't include an undocumented population estimated at 12 million immigrants. These numbers correspond to an increase in attention being paid to a Hispanic market that is rapidly growing not only in sheer numbers, but in wants, needs and disposable income. Like San Antonio, businesses across the country are scrambling to design marketing campaigns to reach this increasingly important segment of society.

A good starting point for many may be "The Power of Business En Español: Seven Fundamental Keys to Unlocking the Potential of the Spanish-Language Hispanic Market" by José Cancela (with Carlos Harrison).

With more than 25 years dedicated to defining the Spanish-speaking market, Cancela is considered an expert in the field. He heads Hispanic USA Inc., a full-service marketing firm with a client roster that includes ING, ABC Radio en Español, ESPN Deportes Radio, and U.S. Century Bank.

Cancela has put together a slim but powerful volume that removes the guesswork in understanding Spanish-dominant consumers by non-Spanish speakers. It's loaded with advice on how to deal with the language's many idiomatic expressions as well as tips on how Spanish consumers think, feel and spend their money.

The book is divided into seven short chapters that reveal aspects of Latino culture, offering the reader an understanding of unlocking the potential of the rapidly growing Hispanic market. Chapters such as "We (Hispanics) all use the same dictionary" and "We have strong family values" give insight into the traditions and value system of a culture that is redefining America's business landscape.

Cancela's overriding theme is that as America's population changes in appearance and language usage, people who market products and services must change with the times if they want to remain competitive. They need to go the extra mile to understand the Spanish-dominant consumer's customs, traditions and culture.

"The Power of Business En Español" is a must-have book for everything from mom-and-pop businesses to corporations seeking to carve out a financial niche in the Latino marketplace.


Vincent Bosquez retired with the rank of captain from the U.S. Marine Corps after 23 years of service and is president of the Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers of San Antonio.